Migration of the account from Webuzo is pretty simple.

1. Create a New account in your CWP.admin (its suggested to use database prefix as a username)
2. Unpack Webuzo backup file in the public_html folder of new created account
3. In CWP make database and user (for wordpress check wp-config.php file and use the same)
4. now using phpMyAdmin you can import database, this is file named softsql.sql

That would be it.

From command line as root you can import database using the following command


Migration Using Softaculous PREMIUM
Restore through softaculous(premium) backup restore functionality works for migration from webuzo to CWP.
1. need account username to be the same same
2. need softaculous premium version.
3. move backup files to home/USERNAME/softaculous_backups
4. create addon domains
5. restore backup through softaculous restore functionality