Detailed instructions on how to migrate account from a cPanel to the CWP


In your cPanel account create the account backup.

Prepare cPanel account backup
- go to Files --> Backups --> Download a Full Website Backup (then wait for backup to complete)
** For backup destination choose "Home Directory".

Move backup file to download-able location
- go to Files --> File Manager --> Select "Show hidden files" and go to your "/home/USERNAME" folder
- right click on the backup fileName and choose "Change Permissions", set them to 644 so you can download the file.
- Now again right click on the file name and select "Move" --> enter "public_html" for a destination.
Now you are ready to download the file by using your domain or the server name/IP.

Faster way by using command line:
On the cpanel server create account backup file:

/scripts/pkgacct USERNAME /usr/local/apache/htdocs/

* this will create a backup file in folder /usr/local/apache/htdocs/ named as cpmove-USERNAME.tar.gz

You can download that file to the CWP server from cpanel by using wget and server IP address, example:



You can download the file in a few ways, but lets use only a few most common ones
- Download it by using your domain, this will work only if you still have a domain pointed to the cPanel server.
- Download it by using a mod UserDir, this will work only if the cPanel server admin has enabled this function, in most cases its enabled.

On your CWP server login as root user via shell
- go to home folder "cd /home"

Now let say that we will us a domain download
- in CWP shell enter "wget" and wait until its downloaded.

For mod UserDir you will need to know the server name or the server IP address and cPanel username.
- In CWP shell enter "wget ipAddress/~USERNAME/filename.tar.gz"

If you can't access the files in any of the above mentioned ways then you should contact the cPanel hosting provider if they can provide you with the download link of your account.

Now to restore the account on the CWP server follow this instructions:
- at your CWP.admin go to Left Menu --> User Account --> cPanel Migration
- in the CWP.admin migration module enter the username of the account you want to restore,
--> next, select the file name you want to restore,
--> next, your details will get filed with the data from the account and you need to enter the admin email address.
and that is it, the account should be restore now.