As some of you already know that CentOS/RedHat decided to support only CentOS Stream in the future, here is some info about the end of the life for each version:

- CentOS 8 till the end of 2021
- CentOS 7 till June of 2024
- CentOS 8 Stream will be only supported as an upstream version
- CWP-CentOS 8 Stream-Delayed delayed version of CentOS 8 Stream (it has a delay of 14-60 days)

Video info

Other supported Linux distributions:
- RockyLinux Minimal
- AlmaLinux Minimal
- Oracle Linux
- RedHat Linux

Recommended version:
- CentOS 7 Minimal

We have custom delayed repositories of the CentOS Stream which allow us to make the CentOS Stream a stable version.
Using our repositories gives you an additional stability level because delaying the repository from the official CentOS 8 Stream allows us to keep track of the possible issues which could be caused by some updated packages or dependencies.

We already have in the production CWP-CentOS 8 Stream-Delayed and we keep all CentOS 8 Stream repositories up to 2 months old:
- latest (default CentOS Stream repository)
- stable (from CWP repository)

You can switch your server from CentOS 8 Stream to CWP-CentOS 8 Stream-Delayed by running this command on your cwp server

sh /scripts/el8_stream_convert_to_cwp_stable

* This would remove CentOS 8 Stream repositories and install CWP-CentOS 8 Stream-Delayed repositories.

- There is no any downtime
- Single command fast server switch

Many people are scared about the CentOS 8 Stream but we see this as an opportunity to provide the latest new features to all our clients and with our custom repositories we can also guarantee stability.

There is also some news about additional new Linux branches coming from CentOS, we will probably support the best of them.
Some already announced coming soon are CloudLinux OS and Rocky Linux.

Please note that currently we still recommend CentOS 7 as the best version to get installed as it also provides our CWP Secure Kernel which is very important for server security and especially for shared web hosting servers.