CWP WebServers Upgrade Instructions (for CentOS 7)
** this options is available only for cwp servers with version or higher!

High Performace WebServers Configuration
Welcome to new and advanced webservers configuration, we are now giving you the flexibility and performance unlike anything else.
- PHP-FPM Selector with the ability to run different version per domain or subdomain.
- PHP-FPM with additional cache options for best performances.
- Advanced WebServers, that allows you to run custom webservers with different setup per domain.

Let's start with the installation!

Install PHP-FPM (Not required)
– go to left menu: PHP Settings -> PHP-FPM Selector and install php-fpm version you want to use.
** wait for the installation to complete, note that each PHP version you select can take up to ~15minutes to build, you can also install additional versions later.

Select WebServers you want to use (Required, you can't skip this)
here you can rebuild your webservers system and choose which webservers you want to run.
– go to left menu: WebServer Settings -> Select WebServers and select the version that you want to use (after php-fpm install).
* We recommend the last option (Nginx & Varnish & Apache).

* You can also select here if you want to force all users to use php-fpm by default as currently, a default is still php-cgi with suphp like before.
* Please note that if you don't use "force php-fpm" then you can use all options from WebServers Domain Conf and enable php-fpm for domains you want.

Select Configuration for WebServers you want to use (Not required)
here you can select configuration and templates for vhosts of the webservers you have installed with Select WebServers.
– go to left menu: WebServers Configuration -> WebServers Main Conf to manage webservers configuration (this works only after new webservers are installed).

* New webservers installation will also rebuild all nginx/varnish/apache configuration.
* Note that now we have an independent php-cgi version with suphp from php-fpm so you can have them all configured differently.

WebServers Domain Conf (Not required)
- here you can make configuration per domain based on the Select WebServers installation, this means that each domain can run different webservers and vhost templates, example: can run php-cgi/suphp while can run php-fpm.