Access admin/user panel over the same port
2082 - CWP User Panel
2083 - CWP User Panel SSL
2086 - CWP Admin (same as 2030)
2087 - CWP Admin SSL (same as 2031)
* Recommended to be used with the hostname because of the usage of the hostname SSL.

Access to user panel over subdomain cpanel without port -> it's the same same as port 2083 but it is using user domain SSL certificate

if you need to access admin panel also without the port then you can edit nginx/apache hostname conf files and add config for subdomain, don't forget to add dns A record also.

webmail subdomain for access to Roundcube -> using user domain SSL certificate

mail subdomain for access to the mail server -> STMP (including SSL/TLS per domain) -> IMAP/POP3 (including SSL/TLS per domain)

Auto-discover of mail configuration

Single click login without the password
- From admin panel to user panel
- RoundCube (login to any email account)
- PHPMyAdmin (login as cpanel user)

User Panel
- Advanced File Manager

Migration tools

Restore account from cPanel
(restores local cpmove file)

cPanel to CWP server convert (removes cPanel and installs CWP but keeping all the accounts and databases)

cPanel Server Migration (migrates only accounts from the remote cpanel using SSH connection)

3rd-Party Integrations
- Softaculous
- Sitepad
- WHMCS, Blesta, HostBill, ClientExec, Wisecp...
- Cloudlinux

If your main user panel login doesn't work for phpMyAdmin then please change the password in the user panel.