This info is for Server providers like Cloud, VPS or Dedicated servers to create fast image deployment servers with CWP.
You need to be aware that each cwp version is valid for 6 months only, so you would need to update the image before that expire time.

Creating CWP iso image is easy, here are the steps:

- install and configure CWP
- power off the server
- create an image of the server

Since you had configured the server with IP, Hostname, and Email you will need to make that change after the image deployment.
You can run this command after starting the new server to change those settings:

--restart (Restart server after changes)
--newip (Set new IP in the server config)
--email (Set new admin email in the server config)
--hostname (Set new hostname in the server config)

sh /scripts/image_rebuild_server_config -r yes --newip --email --hostname

This script will do:
- change hostname
- change hostname in all services
- change hostname certificate
- change IP in all config
- change mysql password to random for database: postfix, root, roundcube
- clean log files
- download latest cwp version