Download WHMCS module for CWP from our site
Latest update: 30/08/2019 (30/Aug/2019) - added autologin

1. Extract file in your whmcs folder

as extracted module file path will look like this

In Menu goto: Setup -> Products/Services -> Servers
Add New Server and under "Server Details"
Type = Cwp7
Username: root
Password: (your server password)
Access Hash: copy your key from CWP API

3. Generate API Key on the CWP server
goto Left-Menu -> CWP Settings -> API Manager
Use the following permissions:
-add, edit, suspend, unsuspend and delete accounts
-edit packages
-change Password

That is it, now you can create CWP accounts from WHMCS.

Video instructions for CWP

- be sure that the api key is enabled in the cwp.admin
- on the cwp server whitelist in csf firewall ip of the whmcs server
- on the whmcs server whitelist in the firewall/csf ip of the cwp server