Now you can send notifications into the cwp.admin control panel with your custom scripts.
Notification generator script will help you and generate the unique id for each message.

CWP Notifications

Script Usage:

/scripts/add_alert ALERT-TYPE "Short Text" LOG-FILE-LOCATION
/scripts/add_alert alert-danger "this is my test" /var/log/php-rebuild.log

ALERT-TYPE - Available Alert Types
alert-danger, alert-success, alert-info, alert-warning, alert-dismissable

"Short Text" - Must be under quotes if using multiple words
This is the text which will be visible in the notification after Message id.

LOG-FILE-LOCATION (optional NOT required)
This will show "Check Detailed Info" button which is a link to open a log file or text file with more detailed info.

by clicking on the close x of the notification bar the notification will be permanently removed.

We will use the same script for notification about background process state and to notify you when its done.

Currently we are using the notifications to notify you when some background process is done.
- Mod Security installation
- Apache Re-Build
- PHP version swithcer
- PHP selector
- FFMPEG installer