Instructions for manual import of the emails to your CWP server.

1. Create all required mailboxes via CWP
2. Login in each created mailbox (this will create required file and folder structure)
3. Copy the emails (like any other files) in /var/vmail/DOMAIN.COM/USERNAME
4. Fix Permissions (chown uploaded files vmail:mail)

Example path for email account:

Example of rsync command from remote cPanel to local CWP:

rsync -avz -e "ssh -p 22" root@ /var/vmail/DOMAIN/USERNAME/

** This command needs to be executed on the CWP server, number 22 is ssh port.

How to Fix Permissions
go to the folder where you have uploaded emails and execute the following command
chown vmail.mail *

cd /var/vmail/
chown vmail.mail *

This instructions can be used for importing emails from any control panel, like: cpanel, plesk or any other.