Steps for the correct configuration of the CWP to CWP Transfer module

Destination Server:

1, Go to the "CWP Settings" -> "API Manager" in the left menu
2, Generate and save the new API key by using the green button "Allow New Api Access"
3, Enter the short name to identify the API key
4, Enter the IP authorized to use that API key
5, You can Generate a key code automatically by clicking on the Generate button or you can place your own code manually
6, The CWP → CWP account transfer application should be using the JSON format
7, The necessary functions are Account (add, list), Packages (add, list), MySQL Databases (add, list), MySQL Users (add, list), Change of the password (upd), Cronjobs Users (add, upd ),
8, Once the API key is created, make sure that the status of the api key is active (Open Padlock),
9, Make sure TCP port 2304 is open in your CSF firewall,
10, Enable ssh access
11, Generate an SSH key, from the Server "Settings" module -> "SSH Key Generator" or copy existing
12, Check the ssh connection port and Add Public Key to Authorized


1, Open the Account Transfer module: "User Accounts" -> "CWP->CWP Migration"
2, Enter the IP address of the Destination server
3, Copy the API Key generated on the destination server in the api manager
4, Enter the root user login
5, Enter the port for the ssh connection
6, In your firewall open the port 2304

Your module is now ready.

You can review the log records from the "File Management" module → CWP → Log Viewer → Account Transfer
or by running in your console

tail -f /var/log/cwp/account_transfer.log

Video instructions

This module migrates:
- all data from /home/USERNAME
- email accounts, aliases, autoresponders
- crons
- mysql databases and users

Maybe currently this looks complicated but in the future versions, we will try to improve it to be more simple.