How to install Torrent SeedBox with Deluge WebGUI on CentOS WebPanel server.
As everything else with CWP, this is a simple task which is done by click of the button.

How to install Deluge Torrent client and WebGUI
- In your CWP.admin left menu go to Plugins --> Torrent SeedBox.
- Click on the install button, wait for installation to complete.
- Now open your Deluge WebGUI by clicking on the link provided in this module. http://SERVER-IP:8112
- If you can't access WebGUI then check the firewall or take it down temporary.
- Login to Deluge WebGUI by using password "deluge", don't forget to change it on your first login.

That is it, you are now ready to download and seed torrents on your new CWP/Deluge SeedBox server.

If using defaults, torrents will be in folder /var/lib/deluge, you can change the path in WebGUI.
Don't forget when making a new folder to set the correct permissions.

chown deluge.deluge /path/to/the/new/folder

If you need help, you can always check our support services.