If you get a default web page displayed for all domains then please follow these instructions.

1. Logout and Login again as root (CWP automatically tries to fix known issues on the root login)
2. Set shared IP address (Left Menu --> CWP Settings --> Edit Settings)
3. Rebuild Apache vHosts (Left Menu --> Apache Settings --> Rebuild Apache vHosts)
4. Delete index.html file from users folder: /home/USERNAME/public_html/index.html

Check your website now, if you are still getting the same screen then check IP address set for your domain, go to:
Left Menu --> Apache Settings --> Edit Apache vHosts (and check IP address set for domain).

If you are/were using Nginx or Varnish then you should also check that apache port is correctly configured in

If this issue still continues then it's time to check the logs and contact the server admin.

In some cases this issue is caused by the private or NAT-ed network and then you will need to use a private IP address that is configured on your server.

Amazon S3, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure are known to have this kind of setup.

Fast Fix
- You need to enable NAT-ed network and enter your private IP by going to:
Left-Menu --> CWP-Settings --> Edit Settings
- You need to rebuild Apache Virtual Hosts from CWP.admin

In NAT-ed setup "Shared IP" needs to be your public IP and "NAT Local IP" will be the local IP set on your server, you can check the local IP in cwp by going to Service SSH --> Network Configuration.

You can check the IP's configured on your server by using a shell command.



ip add sh

If this issue still occurs even after Apache Vhost Rebuild then you should check that in file /usr/local/apache/conf/sharedip.conf Local IP is defined.

Note if the public IP is visible with command ip a then you don't need to enable NAT.

Video instructions

If you still can't resolve your issue then you can contact our managed support.