Now CWP has a PHP Switch option where you can very easily switch to other PHP version and recompile it with desired modules.

How to use it?

– Click on PHP Version Switcher (here you will get server PHP version and compiled modules which your server has now compiled).
– Select PHP Version you wish to compile in drop-down menu and click next.
– In PHP compiler you can add or remove modules you want (please use only: one per line).
– Click on Start compiler and compiler will start to work in background.

Compiler needs from 5 to 20 minutes to finish, depending on modules you are installing and your CPU power.
You can return in eg. 15 minutes and in CWP – PHP Version Switch check which version of PHP and modules you have now.

Your websites and CWP will work during compiler process and PHP will be update when the compiler is completed.

You can check for PHP compile logs in the file:

If you wish to monitor compiler then use this command from the shell:
tail -f /var/log/php-rebuild.log