CentOS Web Panel has also scripts folder to help you with the upgrades or additional tool installations.
For all of you liking to work in a shell we are preparing additional scripts list.

Available Scripts with the latest version

update_cwp //Update CWP to the latest version
upgrade_mysql //Upgrade phpMyAdmin and MySQL to 5.5
install_imagick //Installs Image Magick
install_maldet //Installs Maldet
install_net2ftp //Installs Net2FTP, Usage http://IP/net2ftp
user_backup //Create User backup, Usage: sh /scripts/user_backup USERNAME
whoowns //Get Domain owner, Usage: sh /scripts/whoowns DOMAIN
list_users //List all user accounts
list_domains //List all addon domains
list_subdomains //List all Sub-Domains
cwp_bruteforce_protection //Enable CSF/LFD Brute/Force protection
mysql_pwd_reset //Reset root MySQL password
restart_cwpsrv //Restart CWP (restarts panel only)
cwp_version //Check CWP version

sh /scripts/SCRIPT-NAME

You can check for scripts in the /scripts/ folder.
...many others coming soon