CentOS Web Panel has also a scripts folder to help you with the upgrades or additional tool installations.
For all of you liking to work in a shell, we are preparing an additional scripts list.

Available Scripts with the latest version


>> Upgrade phpMyAdmin and MySQL to 5.5


>> Installs Image Magick


>> Installs Maldet


>> Installs Net2FTP, Usage http:>> IP/net2ftp


>> Create User backup, Usage: sh /scripts/user_backup USERNAME


>> Get Domain owner, Usage: sh /scripts/whoowns DOMAIN


>> List all user accounts


>> List all addon domains


>> List all Sub-Domains


>> Enable CSF/LFD Brute/Force protection


>> Reset root MySQL password


>> Restart CWP (restarts panel only)


>> Check CWP version


>> Additional alert addition


>> To generate Apache MPM configuration


>> AutoSSL temp/tmp path correction


>> AutoSSL generation


>> AutoSSL reload


>> Bandwidth check


>> Gets disk id for cgroups


>> API detailed check


>> Database error check


>> MailQueue check


>> To add JailKit


>> To remove JailKit


>> Clamd 100% CPU usage fix


>> Add cPanel AddHandler into cwp suphp


>> Openbase Dir Cron Fix


>> Apply BruteForce Protection to CWP


>> Server load parameter check


>> Secure Kernel rules update


>> Memory limit variable change


>> Rebuild User Configuration files for all users


>> Disk Partition Usage check


>> DNS Zones sync command


>> PHP DSO Handler remover


>> CentOS 8 Stream to CentOS 8 Stable conversion (enable cwp delayed update repo)


>> ClamAV update


>> Server Hostname SSL Generation


>> Hostname Service Restart


>> Server Configuration rebuild to default


>> Install Let's Encrypt SSL Installer


>> CWP API Generation/Installation


>> Install Hourly Email sending limit


>> Install PHP Imagick


>> Install TLS Services on FTP Server


>> Install Support Key to grant access of server to support team




>> List Hosted Domains


>> List hosted sub-domains


>> List usernames on server


>> MailQueue statistics


>> RoundCube version update


>> Script to import all email accounts from /var/vmail folder


>> Script to rebuild mail postfix and dovecot certificates for all domains


>> Repair MySQL MyISAM Tables


>> PHPMyAdmin update


>> MySQL Max_Connection parameter settings


>> Shows Current Max_Connection parameter settings


>> CWP show connection number and sort them by size


>> this script will activate and force open_basedir for all users


>> To set file upload limit


>> Rebuild PHP-FPM user configuration file


>> Reinstall Clamd and Amavis


>> Reinstall Pure-FTP


>> Deamon Reload


>> CWP Service restarts


>> Service Apache restarts


>> Check for mostly know hacked servers


>> If softaculous is not working


>> Limit check for specific user


>> CWP Server Update to next version


>> IonCube installer (this script will update ioncube to latest possible version)


>> Backup a specific user


>> Clear Varnish Cache

sh /scripts/SCRIPT-NAME

You can check for scripts in the /scripts/ folder.
...many others coming soon.