Remove Account:

/scripts/cwp_api account remove_user USERNAME

Suspend Account:

/scripts/cwp_api account suspend_user USERNAME

UnSuspend Account:

/scripts/cwp_api account unsuspend_user USERNAME

UnSuspend Account Bandwidth (You should increase user/package bandwidth before):

/scripts/cwp_api account unsuspend_bandwidth USERNAME

Reset Account Bandwidth (It will reset user bandwidth to 0 and UnSuspend Account):

/scripts/cwp_api account reset_bandwidth USERNAME

Fix Account Permissions

/scripts/cwp_api account fix_perms USERNAME

List Account Domains/Subdomains

/scripts/cwp_api account list_domains USERNAME

Set quota based on the package for all users

/scripts/cwp_api account update_diskquota_all

Update quota, hourly_emails, cgroups, nproc, apache_nproc, inode, nofile limits for all users

/scripts/cwp_api account update_limits_all

Set quota for all email accounts based on the uid from the postfix.mailbox table

/scripts/cwp_api account mail_fix_permissions

Import hourly mail limits from packages into policyd

/scripts/cwp_api account update_policyd_all

Rebuild /etc/named.conf

/scripts/cwp_api account rebuild_etc_named_conf

Rebuild All DNS/Domain zone files in /var/named/

/scripts/cwp_api account rebuild_var_named_all

Rebuild singe DNS/Domain zone file in /var/named/

/scripts/cwp_api account rebuild_var_named USERNAME DOMAIN


Rebuild WebServers Configuration for all WebServers and all Domains

/scripts/cwp_api webservers rebuild_all

Rebuild WebServers Configuration only for user

/scripts/cwp_api webservers rebuild_user USERNAME

Restart WebServers

/scripts/cwp_api webservers restart

Reload WebServers

/scripts/cwp_api webservers reload

Softaculous install

/scripts/cwp_api apps install_softaculous

Softaculous remove

/scripts/cwp_api apps remove_softaculous

Sitepad install

/scripts/cwp_api apps install_sitepad

Sitepad remove

/scripts/cwp_api apps remove_sitepad