Installation instructions for installation and configuration of the LiteSpeed WebServer which is used as high performance replacement of apache/suPHP.

Please note that for LiteSpeed installation you need to have a valid license!

Let’s prepare for installation

yum groupinstall 'Development Tools'
yum install glibc.i686
cd /usr/local/src/
tar -zxvf lsws-5.0.19-std-i386-linux.tar.gz
cd lsws-5.0.19

Now Let’s start the installation

service httpd stop

Now you need to follow the installer questions
Do you agree with above license? Yes
Destination [/usr/local/lsws]: press enter
User name [admin]: enter admin name
Password : enter admin password
email address : enter admin email address

User [nobody]: press enter to retain nobody
Group [nobody]: press enter to retain nobody

HTTP port [8088]: 80 (need to stop apache first “service httpd stop”)
Admin HTTP port [7080]: press enter to select default

Setup up PHP [Y/n]: Y
Suffix for PHP script(comma separated list) [php]: press enter

Would you like to install AWStats Add-on module [y/N]? y/N

Would you like to have LiteSpeed Web Server started automatically when the server restarts [Y/n]? Y
Would you like to start it right now [Y/n]? Y

Now if your litespeed server works you should get this kind of message:

[OK] litespeed: pid=4817.
LiteSpeed Web Server started successfully! Have fun!

Now Enjoy CWP & LiteSpeed !